chemX is a company with fully Romanian capital, founded in 2012 in order to bring to the Romanian market premium chemical liquids of domestic production. In this regard, the company completed an investment in a new production facility at the end of 2015, after which it began production and marketing of technical fluids for the automotive and plant industries. The production processes are ISO 9001 certified, and the products are tested in our own laboratory and in specialized independent laboratories.

ChemX products have been very well received by consumers, and with the help of our specialists, with extensive experience in the field, we manage every year to diversify and improve the products offered. We are pleased to present you the new range of products for the maintenance of thermal installations.



Liquitech car antifreeze strictly comply with the quality standards of car manufacturers, thus protecting the car installation.


The products in this range comply with strict quality standards, wanting to be a standard in the field of protection and maintenance of installations.


Superconcentrated complex foliar fertilizer. Contains biostimulating plant extract. Increases the intensity of photosynthesis.