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Liquitech D1 descaler is an acidic, super-concentrated solution based on a complex recipe that contains corrosion inhibitors, pH indicators and antifoams. The product is intended exclusively for professionals.


It is used for cleaning the boiler, boilers and heat exchangers in heating systems consisting of iron, copper, steel, cast iron. The product successfully removes deposits of limestone, rust and sludge without attacking the rubber seals present in the installation.
CAUTION !: Do not use on elements that contain zinc, stainless steel, aluminum or alloys of these metals. The product is used together with a cleaning pump.



Step 1: Dose the product in a concentration of 10-25% depending on the degree of dirt present.
Step 2: Use the cleaning pump to start the chemical washing process (recommended time: 30 min if the heat exchanger is cleaned individually; 60 min for cleaning the boiler or boilers). The descaling process is faster if the water is heated between 40 ° C - 60 ° C. It is recommended that the water temperature does not exceed 65 ° C so as not to damage the components of the cleaning pump.
Step 3: Monitor the pH value of the solution in the wash pump frequently, both with a pH indicator paper and visually. The pH should be <3 and visually the solution should be red. If the color changes from red to yellow-orange or if it fades completely, add a new descaling pump in a 10% concentration and continue washing until the deposits are removed.
Step 4: After descaling, rinse well with water
Step 5: Charge the cleaning pump with Liquitech Alkaline Neutralizer in a concentration of 5% and recirculate for 10 min.
Step 6: Rinse with water until pH 7-8 is reached